Americans Probably Have the Same Reaction to Today's Hearing as Ken Starr

Posted: Nov 13, 2019 6:45 PM
Americans Probably Have the Same Reaction to Today's Hearing as Ken Starr

Source: AP Photo/Lauren Victoria Burke, File

After the Democrats' bogus impeachment hearing with Ambassador Bill Taylor on Wednesday, former United States Solicitor General Ken Starr told Fox News' Bret Bair that "no crime was proven today."

“The members were very strong. I think the members overall acquitted themselves extremely well on both sides of the aisle. The quality of the questioning was extremely high for the most part," he said. "One key thing, the Republicans not only are rock solid, so that means if this trend continues, there is no hope for impeachment, for the conviction of the House — I mean, in the Senate."

But Starr's biggest takeaway: Democrats failed to prove President Donald Trump proved a crime, like what was very clear during the impeachment proceedings against Presidents Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton.

"And here to me was something that was very telling: No crime was proven today," Starr explained. There were a lot of terms used, extortion and bribery, but no crime. This is unlike Nixon and unlike Clinton.”

Since the Democrats launched this so-called "inquiry," they have made it very clear that this is a partisan game for them. Republicans basically get no say and Trump does not deserve to defend himself against his accuser.

And, to make things even worse, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) gets to continue to lead the impeachment effort, something he was after before Trump was sworn into office.

Democrats should take note of Starr's remarks. They still haven't proven that any crime was committed, even though they continue to tell the American people they have the "smoking gun" that'll bring down Trump. It took them five hours and guess what? We're still in the same place: with House Democrats wanting to vote for articles of impeachment and Senate Republicans finding it to be a waste of time.