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Fauxcahontas Clings to Chicago Teachers' Strike to Play Up Her 'Public School Teacher' Image

AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

Teachers in Chicago began a strike six days ago as negotiations between Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Teachers Union continue. Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot made it clear the Windy City cannot afford to pay teachers more, which is one of the union's biggest gripes. 


Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) decided to jump into the fight to remind voters that she herself was also a public school teacher and, if elected president, she would offer a number of protections.

One of the first things Warren said she would do, if elected, would be to replace Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and providing $450 billion in Title I funding over a 10 year period.


She also promises to protect students from various backgrounds and eliminate testing, which was implemented under No Child Left Behind.

And, again, she promises to provide more funding for school lunches as well as faculty and staff pay.


Naturally, she wants to eliminate charter schools and parents' choice on where to send their child.

Warren even went so far as to share a video of her talking with teachers on strike.

"I'm calling to say thank you for contributing to my campaign multiple times and second, be strong in the Chicago teachers' strike. I know that this has gotta be a hard time for the teachers and I know that no one involved does this lightly, but that you're out there fighting for the future of our children," she said.


She also used the opportunity to talk about how she would make "big structural changes" across the country if she became president.

"We're gonna make big structural changes in this country. And a big part of that is gonna start with making sure that it's easier to join a union, that unions have more power when they negotiate, because when unions are strong, we have a strong future," Warren said. "Be strong. Stay on the picket lines as long as you need to, and let's get this done. And you can count on me. Take care. Persist."

Let's be real. This isn't about "supporting" the Chicago teachers demanding higher pay in a city that is bankrupt. This is about Warren trying to make herself relatable. This is about her trying to perfect her so-called "school teacher" persona. You know, the very profession she claims she was fired from because she was pregnant, even though she wasn't. 

And, like all things Warren proposes, she makes promise after promise and has absolutely no plan on how to fund it. Americans want kids to get a decent education, to be productive members of society. Find one adult who says, "no, schools shouldn't be funded or maintained." Doubt you'll find one. But we need to be realistic. We can't keep pulling money out of thin air and then wondering why our national deficit is as high as it is. 


The truth of the matter is Warren needs to pick her narrative and stick with it. Teaching for a year decades ago doesn't suddenly make her an expert on all education issues. If anything, it makes her even more removed from the classroom than those with young children.

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