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AP Photo/Nati Harnik

Former Vice President Joe Biden snapped at a reporter on Friday during the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Unions for All Summit in Los Angeles. The reporter asked Biden about his son, Hunter, sitting on the board of a Ukrainian gas company and being paid $50,000 a month despite having zero experience in natural energy. At the time, Joe Biden was handling affairs with the Ukrainian government. The reporter wanted to know how those facts didn't create a conflict of interest.

"How was your role as vice president in charge of policy in Ukraine and your son's job in Ukraine, how is that not a conflict of interest?" the reporter asked.

Apparently Biden sees nothing wrong with the scenario. And he refuses to answer any questions about the Ukraine scandal. 

"It's not a conflict of interest. There's been no indication of any conflict of interest from Ukraine or anywhere else. Period. I'm not going to respond to that!" Biden replied.

And, naturally, Biden somehow wants the focus to be on President Donald Trump.

"Let's focus on the problem. Focus on this man, that no president has ever done. No president," Biden said.

This conflict of interest is the very definition of swampy behavior that Americans are tired of seeing. Biden has done absolutely nothing to shed light or even try to defend his actions – probably because he knew they were wrong. Instead, he's deflected onto Trump. Apparently we should be angry at Trump for bringing up the Bidens' corrupt behavior, not at the actually corrupt behavior itself.

And this, folks, is why people hate politics and politicians. 

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