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Janet Van Ham/HBO via AP

We knew things weren't looking so good for former Vice President Joe Biden. People have continually pointed out the corruption and swampiness of his son, Hunter Biden, receiving $50,000 a month from a Ukraine gas company because his dad was vice president at the time and had dealings with Ukraine. Not to mention Hunter had absolutely zero experience in the natural gas industry. But when Bill Maher, one of the loudest, most outspoken leftists, says this is super swampy looking, there just might be some truth in what is being said.


"When I read about this, I don't think he was doing something terrible in Ukraine, but it's just so – why can't politicians just tell their f**king kids to get a job? Get a f**king job," Maher said. "This kid was paid $600,000 because his name is Biden, by a gas company in Ukraine, in this super corrupt country. They just had a revolution to get rid of corruption. It just looks bad."

Maher said exactly what most Americans think: politicians' kids take advantage of their parents' status. It's like they're told they don't need to branch out on their own and start their own career. They can just piggy back off their parents' success. That's not the real world, or at least the real world for most people. 

The Democrats aren't upset that Hunter Biden was partaking in corrupt behavior. They're upset that he was called out by a Republican. The fact that the person calling him out was Trump was just the icing on the cake.


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