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Head Scratcher: House Dem Seems To Think An Assault Weapons Ban Is Similar To Banning Plastic Straws

Anti-gunners are known for going to great lengths to push their gun control agenda. Most are uninformed about firearm laws and legislation (or they simply lie to Americans' faces). Usually they spew the same few talking points: "assault weapons" are bad, "high capacity magazines" are the reason for mass shootings and they conflate semi-automatic and fully automatic firearms. 


But Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-LA), who sits on the House Judiciary Committee, took things to a whole new level when he compared banning so-called assault weapons with banning – brace yourselves – plastic straws.

“I believe that the will of the American people can overpower obstruction in the Senate by the Senate Majority Leader [Mitch McConnell] in terms of bringing bills to the floor to a vote,” Richmond told CNN's Wolf Blitzer. “Assault weapons ban, high capacity magazines that hold the ammunition in these assault weapons and semi-automatic weapons, the overwhelming public wants to see that happen. Think about it. We live in a county where we have cities, right now, that are banning plastic straws but we can’t ban assault weapons? I mean, that just doesn’t make sense to me.”

"And look, I think banning plastic straws will save the environment. I also believe that banning assault weapons will save the lives of many people: children, mothers, sons, fathers and the list goes on," Richmond explained. "We've seen that time and time again."

“We need the American people to join with us, especially all of these senators, including [Sen.] Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who’s up for reelection, and let him know that this is our will and if you stand in the way of it, we will get it done with you or without you,” he said.


McConnell has been reluctant to bring gun control legislation to the Senate floor for a vote. He has, however, said the Senate will consider the House's Enhanced Background Check Act of 2019 and Bipartisan Background Check Act of 2019, which passed earlier this year

Congressman Richmond seems to forget one important tidbit: the right to keep and bear arms is protected in the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights. Drinking out of plastic straws isn't protected. Do we enjoy drinking a nice cold Coke out of a straw? Sure. Is it a Constitutionally protected right? Absolutely not. And while Richmond says it's outrageous that states, like California, can easily ban plastic straws but not so-called "assault weapons," it's actually a good thing. It means anti-gunners are struggling to infringe on our Second Amendment rights.


Our Founding Fathers were worried about a government becoming overly tyrannical. They wanted to make sure the American people had the ability to protect and defend themselves. You know why? Because what do dictators do first? Disarm their people to keep them from fighting back. If they can't fight back, they can be controlled. That's something that the American people will fight against. 

And as we always say...MOLON LABE.

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