Baltimore Resident Confirms Trump's Claims About The City And Places Blame On Cummings

Posted: Jul 28, 2019 1:05 PM

President Donald Trump chided Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) on Saturday for shouting down acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan over conditions in detention camps during a hearing last week.

Democrats were quick to come to Cummings' aid, saying he's "a beloved leader." 

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) even made the case that Cummings' has "made the country better."

While all of Cummings' so-called "accomplishments" look great to the Democratic Party, one of his residents, Michelle, completely agrees with what President Trump said.

"What he [President Trump] said was definitely true," Michelle said in a video. "He [Cummings] hasn't done anything for us for the last, I think he's been in office over 20 years?"

"30 [years]," a person behind the camera said.

"30? Okay. So I was like 18 back then and he hasn't done anything for us. No cookouts, no shoe giveaway, no clothes giveaway. Nothing," Michelle explained. 

Michelle gave credit to Kimberly Klacik for posting previous videos of what Baltimore actually looks like. She said Klacik's videos exposing what Baltimore actually looks like, with trash and rodents, has done more good for the city than Cummings has in his 30 years in Congress. 

"As far as the housing and everything goes, like I said, he has never done anything, not even [for] one person that I know of," Michelle explained. "I never heard anybody ever say anything about him. And people wanna talk about Donald Trump. Donald Trump this, Donald Trump that. This man [Cummings] is over here taking care of people at the border. We [are] hungry. We need a place to stay. We feel like we're in a concentration camp. It's just sad. He's more worried about them [illegal aliens] than his own people. It's just crazy."

According to Michelle, the last time her neighborhood was thriving was back in 2003. 

"2003. That's a long time ago and that's just sad," she explained. "Then they wanna take the houses that look nice on the outside and come around and film houses that look nice on the outside, but really, don't nobody [sic] live in them houses. And they're tore up from the floor."

Michelle was then asked what she thought about CNN's Victor Blackwell defending Baltimore and saying President Trump is racist for slamming Cummings' lack of action.

"Trump is not racist, not to my knowledge. I'm glad that he pointed it out. I'm glad that he [Trump] put him [Cummings] on blast because people in West [inaudible] have put him on blast for years, ever since he's been in office," she said. "He's never done anything for us."

According to Michelle, the rats didn't just show up and their city didn't become what it did overnight. 

"These houses didn't just get torn down. They've been like this," she explained. "If he [Cummings] took the time out to come over here and see how things are, maybe he'd be better at his job."

Who are we going to listen to in this situation, a politician who comes and goes as he pleases or a resident who actually lives and works in the district?

What President Trump said wasn't an insult to Baltimore or its residents. It's a reality check for people like Cummings who make a career out of being in Congress and forget where they came from. Bringing issues like this to light means they're more likely to be fixed. 

And Michelle is right. People in Baltimore and other inner cities deserve to have a representative that puts their needs before others, including illegal aliens.