2020 Democrats Attack President Trump Ahead Of Washington's 4th Of July Celebration

Posted: Jul 04, 2019 6:00 PM
2020 Democrats Attack President Trump Ahead Of Washington's 4th Of July Celebration

Source: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

2020 Democrats spent their time on 4th of July rallying their bases by focusing on party politics and attacking President Donald Trump. Each one of them latched onto his character in some way, a clear attempt to make themselves appear more relatable.  

During a campaign event in Nevada, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-WA) slammed President Trump's planned 4th of July events that are taking place in Washington, D.C.

"Donald Trump is handing out tickets to his big donors. That's a campaign event. And if he's going to do a campaign event, then it should be paid for by his campaign contributions. It should not be paid for by the American taxpayer," she told members of the press.

Former Vice President Joe Biden explained why Trump is having a massive gathering in Washington. 

"You know, I wonder what will Donald Trump say this evening? I'm being sincere. When he speaks to the nation at an event designed more to stroke his ego than to celebrate American ideals," Biden said. "Will he speak to the example America must set to the rest of the world and have set in the past or will he offer a robust defense of Democratic values, as other presidents always have during our times of crisis? We'll know the answer to that. Donald Trump, I believe, is incapable of celebrating what makes America great because I don't think he gets it."

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) spent 4th of July reiterating a position she's touted in the past: being a prosecutor with the ability to "prosecute the case against" President Trump.

"I know predators and we have a predator living in the White House. And the thing about predators, you should know, is that they prey on the vulnerable. They prey on those who they do not believe are strong," Harris told a crowd in Iowa. "And the thing about predators, you must most importantly know, predators are cowards. Predators are cowards, And so, when we look at this campaign, and we look at the task before us, it will be to successfully prosecute the case against four more years of Donald Trump and I'm prepared to do that.

What happened to coming together, putting aside political differences and celebrating America's independence from Great Britain? Why does everything about this day worthy of celebrating have to lead back to President Trump? Why can't we all be Americans wanting to see our country succeed? Is that so much to ask for? 

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