Apparently We're Uneducated And Stupid If We Believe Mueller's Findings

Posted: Apr 21, 2019 3:20 PM

Jennifer Rubin, a "conservative" columnist at The Washington Post on Sunday appeared on MSNBC's "AM Joy" to discuss the Mueller report. The most shocking aspect of her entire spiel: she seems to think Americans are too dumb to come to their own conclusions about the Mueller report.

"I think step one is to get the entire [Mueller] report. One of the most telling, or most intriguing redactions, has to do with whether the Trump campaign was in contact with WikiLeaks and whether that constituted a conspiracy. That whole section, and key parts of it, have been redacted," Rubin explained. 

"It's vital for the Congress to get the entire report It is unprecedented that they shouldn't get the entire report," Rubin said. "This has never happened before, with Richard Nixon who got the roadmap, didn't happen with Bill Clinton who, of course, had the Starr report, who was put out for the public for all to see."

"Step one is for them to get the full report. If that means they have to go to the Supreme Court to get a subpoena then they should do it," Rubin said.

She also said it's "essential" for Mueller to testify before Congress. 

"The report doesn't answer every question and it's possible he may not want to answer every question," Rubin said with a grin. 

In her eyes, the American people need to see the "gravity of what's taken place" so they can follow along. 

In addition to obtaining the full report and Mueller testifying before Congress, Rubin said Congress needs to hold hearings. Specifically, she wants Congress to dive deeper into "campaign finance violations."

"As you go through the process, ideally, the American people come to a conclusion, come to a consensus," Rubin explained. "You're never gonna have everybody but you may get 65, 70 percent of the American people who, as they are educated through this process, say, 'You know what? He's [Donald Trump] really gotta go.'"

Seriously? Once Americans get "educated" on the subject? 


Americans are absolutely sick and tired of hearing about this Russia collusion that has been proved false. CNN and MSNBC pushed this narrative for the last two years. They've been proven wrong so they're doing whatever they can to try and salvage their credibility (as if it's going to work). 

Americans want to move past it. We're worried about jobs, the economy, the immigration crisis at our border. Then we have so-called "conservatives" like Rubin who are sitting here saying that it's Americans' ignorance that has them not seeing what MSNBC and CNN are seeing.


We have our blinders off. We've heard from a Special Counsel that the Dems wanted. And he found no collusion. What more do you people want?

Not only that but it's rather irritating when people, like Rubin, compare Mueller's report to the Starr report. Mueller was a Special Counsel not an Independent Counsel, like Starr was. The difference is who they report to. Mueller reported to Attorney General William Barr. Ken Starr reported directly to Congress. There's a difference in their roles. And it doesn't take a law degree to know that.