Trump Threatened To Close The Border As Another Caravan Approached – And Mexico Is Taking A Hint

Posted: Apr 01, 2019 7:45 PM
Trump Threatened To Close The Border As Another Caravan Approached – And Mexico Is Taking A Hint

Source: AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd

Another caravan is headed towards the United States, with 2,500 illegal aliens from Central America and the Caribbean. Mexico plans to provide limited humanitarian visas to caravan riders to persuade them from heading north to the United States. According to the National Migration Institute (INM), Mexico will prioritize those who need visas, with women, children and migrants over the age of 65 coming first, Fox News reported. 

Mexico made changes to their humanitarian visa process. Instead of providing visas to illegal aliens at the border, they're now providing them in the southern most part of the country. Caravans are no longer allowed to spend the night in cities and fewer Mexican citizens are providing food, water and transportations to caravan riders. 

The INM plans to provide "transportation back to Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras for citizens of those countries, and air transport home to migrants from Cuba, Haiti and Nicaragua." 

To keep caravans from coming through Mexico in the future, INM will issue humanitarian visas in the capitals of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, as well as in San Pedro Sula, Honduras beginning in mid-May. 

"The goal of the visa restrictions, the institute said, has been to achieve a more orderly, regulated and safe international movement of people," Fox News reported. 

The move comes after President Donald Trump threatened to close the United States-Mexico border. Trump took to Twitter on Friday to explain his position:

He slammed the Democrats on Sunday for their "asylum system and major loopholes":

On Monday, Trump reiterated his position:

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen also took to Twitter over the weekend to share her position on the situation, saying there's a "dire situation at the border."

According to Nielsen, the Department of Homeland Security resources are overrun and Congress needs to act: