One State Lawmaker Wants To Mandate Every Resident To Own An AR-15

Posted: Mar 17, 2019 4:45 PM
One State Lawmaker Wants To Mandate Every Resident To Own An AR-15

Source: AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File

A Missouri State lawmaker has introduced a bill that is sure to upset anti-gunners. Rep. Andrew McDaniel (R-Deering) introduced House Bill 1108, which would establish the "McDaniel Militia Act." If passed, everyone between the ages of 18 and 35 would be required to own an AR-15.

"Any person who qualifies as a resident on August 28, 2019, and who does not own an AR-15 shall have one year to purchase an AR-15," the bill reads. "Any resident qualifies as a resident after August 28, 2019, and does not own an AR-15 shall purchase an AR-15 no later than one year after qualifying as a resident."

A section of the bill would establish tax credits for those who didn't own an AR-15 before the law went into effect. They would be given a tax credit of 75 percent of AR-15's purchase price. 

Citizens would be allowed to sell their AR-15s as long as they still had at least one in their possession.

McDaniel told WDAF-TV he knew the bill wouldn't pass but he introduced it to “make a point on mandates in general.”

The former deputy sheriff said the bill “points out the absurdity of the opposite side,” and anti-gun proposals to “add more requirements and barriers for law-abiding citizens."

McDaniel introduced House Bill 1052, a similar bill, that would require every law-abiding citizen ages 21 and up to own a handgun. Similar tax credit stipulations would apply.

Should HB 1108 make it to the House floor, McDaniel said he would be willing to remove aspects of the bill and focus on tax credits. 

Neither one of the bills are currently on the House calendar. They don't have a scheduled hearing date either, KFVS-TV reported.

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