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The Gender and Women's Studies Department at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign’s (UIUC) seems to think that abolishing police and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is a good idea. The department endorsed the National Trans Youth Council’s nine-point platform on Facebook saying, "Something to believe in," Campus Reform reported. The Facebook share appears to have been deleted.


Here's what the platform said (emphasis mine):

We, the National TRUTH Council of 2017-18, draft this document in the radical tradition of creating manifests in order to define our revolution and achieve liberation. The manifesto was inspired by and builds upon the Black Panther Party’s Ten-Point Program, the Young Lord’s 12 Point Program and Platform, and the Third World Gay Revolution. The manifesto is not a static document, but a living one, so that it may be updated and changed to reflect the council’s increasing understanding of the systems of oppression and the changes in the language we use to describe both ourselves and these systems. 

We are in a moment which calls for us to bravely and ferociously fight for our communal liberation. In this moment, in the name of our transgender and gender nonconforming ancestors who struggled before us, in our blood, bones, and our spirits, we claim our right to existence and our future victory with these frameworks to guide our own work and the work of future generations on our collective, continuous journey towards liberation.

1. We Call for the Right to Self-Determination and Control of Our Destinies
We as trans youth have the right to control our narratives, spaces, and all aspects of our lives. Resources to achieve this trans empowerment must be made more readily accessible and available.

2. We Call for the Abolition of the Police, ICE, Borders and the Judicial System 
We demand abolition! Abolition of the police, abolition of borders and ICE, abolition of the current punishment-based justice system. We demand for our communities to be empowered to take care of themselves, for no borders, for rehabilitation and healing justice. Abolition is a process that we are committed to fight for.

3. We Call for an End to Disposability Politics and a Commitment to Transformative Justice
We believe in establishing a culture of accountability that is transformative in nature and creates opportunity for growth. We must take responsibility and hold space for the collective wellbeing and unity of our people.

4. We Call for an End of the Cisgender Heterosexual Patriarchy
We recognize that the current state of the world centralizes the stories of white cisgender heterosexual men. We call for the end of a social structure that separates or determines the value of people on gender expectations from historical Europe. We demand that queer and/or TGNC people no longer be oppressed by these frameworks, institutions, and their enablers.

5. We call for Decolonization and Reparations for all Indigenous and Black Peoples
We call for the payment of reparations that are owed and the reclamation of cultural practices by the communities from which they originated. We call for the active and complacent perpetrators of cultural appropriation and colonization to be held accountable and to recognize the privilege they maintain through the oppression of others.

6. We Call for Comprehensive Education that Reflects our Histories and Needs
We call for the use of informed educational practices that provide access to curriculum to help build opportunities for historically erased peoples. We call for free and non-compulsory education for all ages and for all access levels.

7. We Call for an End to Global White Supremacy
We call for the end of this racist system that profits off of the devaluing of Black people, Indigenous people and all other people of color. We believe in exposing the history of global white supremacy and it’s discriminatory practices.

8. We Call for Land Justice and Environmental Justice
We call for the recognition and Indigenous reclamation of stolen lands. We call for conscious creation through choosing to stay local and sustainable, remembering that our actions last for generations.

9. We Invite our Comrades, Accomplices and Allies to Join Us
We invite our comrades in struggle who align with our principles, including those who have yet to self-determine their relationship to the struggle, to join us in solidarity, coalition, and liberation -- remembering the revolution is a relationship.


Let's be clear about one thing: laws are put in place for a reason. They're established to keep a lawful society. Our world is chaotic as it is with police in place to keep our society structured. Look at the various protests and riots that take place across the country and around the world. Calling for people to police themselves is so far-fetched that it's a joke. 

If people want to abolish police then that means that when they're scared because someone is robbing them, they have to defend themselves. And we know how that saga ends since these Leftiest are against the Second Amendment. When someone needs emergency medical attention, they won't have 911 to rely on. They'd be forced to handle things themselves.

How does abolishing the police create "healing justice?" That has got to be the most asinine concept. Not being held accountable for your actions – good or bad – doesn't suddenly mean every worldly injustice is fixed. It means people have the permission to be chaotic, to commit crimes, to loot, to steal, to harm others. 

Everyone is so quick to say, "We don't need borders! We're children of the world!" But they also forget that people in different parts of the world have different religious and political views. They have different ideas of what the world should be. Assuming that we can all live in harmony, hold hands and sing Kumbaya is far beyond believable. It's far-fetched. 

What's sad is this is the kind of garbage our youth is being indoctrinated with. 


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