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Rep. Maxine Waters appeared on MSNBC's "AM Joy" on Sunday to discuss the fires taking place in California. Of course, Waters wasted no time throwing President Donald Trump under the bus for his criticism of the state's forest management (or lack thereof). 


"Congresswoman, first of all, I want to ask you, how your district is doing, whether or not any part of your district is at risk for these fire and how are folks doing there?" Reid asked.

"Thank you very much for your concern about California," Waters replied. "Obviously, the President of the United States does not empathize or sympathize with what is going on in California based on some comments he has made. But my district fine but the fires are absolutely devastating..."

"...What do you make of the fact that the president blamed it, essentially blamed California and blamed the management of the forests in your state on these fires?" Reid asked.

"Well, you know, the President of the United States attempts to talk about things that he has no knowledge of. He doesn't even understand what goes into fighting a fire. And for him to come out talking about poor management is just another indication that the president does not want to learn anything," Waters explained. "He does not care about others and he's on the attack all of the time. If you listen to the president, he starts out attacking. And so, we wish he would keep his mouth shut. California does not need him talking about things that he does not know. We need him to bring people together, to be concerned about the safety of our families."

What's ironic is Waters said Trump needs to bring people together. But wait. Wasn't she the one who called for violence against Republicans months ago? Oh, that's right. It's okay for Americans to be divisive as long as it benefits the Democrats. 


Get real, Maxine. 

Americans are concerned about what's going on in California. No one wants to see innocent people suffer because the state fails to properly manage forests and vegetation. It's not a debatable statement. It really is a fact. The lack of proper management and the state's vested interest in saving fish over people have created these horrific fires. Lack of prescribed burns plus lack of water means a heavy drought which creates the perfect breeding ground for wildfires.

Growing up in SoCal, I remember having to worry about rolling blackouts and wildfires during summer. Running through ash-filled smoke with 100 degree heat during middle and high school P.E. classes was the norm. 

Worrying about losing your home, your life and the lives of your family and pets should not be the norm. The people of California should not accept that. 

Could President Trump have waited for a better time to address the forest management issue? Absolutely. Was he wrong in saying what everyone, including Californians, know to be true? No way.

Instead of telling Trump to "shut his mouth," maybe you should consider working with him to protect your constituents moving forward.

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