LOL: Bloomberg's Final Pre-Election Ad: I'm Bi-Partisan And Want Us to Be United

Posted: Nov 05, 2018 11:20 PM
LOL: Bloomberg's Final Pre-Election Ad: I'm Bi-Partisan And Want Us to Be United

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg is doing everything in his power to get people to the polls. Bloomberg's PAC, Independence USA, dropped a new ad on Facebook on Monday night in hopes of inspiring Americans to vote for Democrats.

According to Bloomberg, Americans are looking for leadership in Washington after "national tragedies" like bombings and mass shootings but it doesn't exist. 

"Like you, I've watched the recent bombings and mass shootings with growing alarm. Political violence tears at the heart of our democracy. And violence against a religious group in a house of God tears at the heart of humanity," Bloomberg said in the ad. "At these moments of great national tragedy, we look to Washington to lead, to offer solutions, to bring us together and to appeal to all of us as Americans."

Bloomberg said Americans are looking to work together and that call isn't coming from Republicans in Washington. 

"In fact, I hear the opposite. Shouting out hysterics instead of calm reasoning. Pointed fingers instead of open hands. Division instead of unity," Bloomberg said. "We see this most dramatically with fear-mongering over immigration. Americans are neither naive nor heartless. We can be a nation of immigrants while still securing our borders."

Of course, he took the opportunity to take a jab at Republicans for "failing to lead" the country.

"I've never been a particularly partisan person. I've supported candidates from both sides. But in this moment, we must send a signal to Republicans in Washington, that they have failed to lead, failed to find solutions and failed to bring us together. That's why I'm voting Democratic. America is the greatest nation on earth and for all our sakes we must start becoming the United States of America once again," Bloomberg concluded.

There are so many things wrong with this ad.

Bloomberg's team needs to learn how to properly utilize digital advertising. I received this ad as a "sponsored post," meaning I was somehow in their targeted demographics. They must have assumed that I'd be liberal because I'm a young, female Millennial. Wrong. 

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They must have assumed that every young person is anti-gun, anti-Trump and pro-open borders. Wrong.

They must have assumed that people in flyover nation, like me, will suddenly appreciate their east coast rhetoric. Wrong.

At least if Bloomberg is going to stump for Democrats, he should be honest about who he is and where he stands on issues. Saying he's bi-partisan is the silliest thing to come out of his mouth. He founded Everytown for Gun Safety. He's donated millions on select progressive candidates. If stumping for the most progressive of the progressive is bi-partisan than he's in good company with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. 

We'll suddenly look to them to bring everyone together.