Star Wars Comic Book Author Was Fired Over Politically Charged Tweets

Posted: Oct 14, 2018 5:00 PM
Star Wars Comic Book Author Was Fired Over Politically Charged Tweets

Star Wars comic book writer Chuck Wendig was fired last week for various vulgar political tweets he shared, KOMO News reported.

“F*** Trump. But he’s just the ugly fake-gold mask they’ve put on this thing. F*** all the GOP, f*** that blubbering, bristling frat boy judge, f*** McConnell, Ryan, Grassley, Collins, every last one of them,” Wending wrote after Justice Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Wendig went on a Twitter rant about his firing:

He also wrote a blog post explaining his firing. 

"Today I got the call. I’m fired. Because of the negativity and vulgarity that my tweets bring," Wendig explained. "Seriously, that’s what Mark, the editor said. It was too much politics, too much vulgarity, too much negativity on my part."

This isn't the first time Wendig has gone on tangents about right-wing politics and how he disagrees with the Republican Party. He does, however, feel that his firing sets a dangerous precedent for other writers.

One we’ve seen already – James Gunn, Jessica White, and so on – of folks fired because they riled up the wasp’s nest of asterisk-gate. And it seems odd to be mad that I’m mad about politics when – well, look around. Climate change, kids in cages, sexual harassers at the topmost tiers of power, and so on. A call for civility as the PA GOP candidate threatens Tom Wolf with a golf cleat stomping. I dunno, man.


To conclude: this is really quite chilling. And it breaks my heart. I am very sad, and worried for the country I live in, and the world, and for creative people all around. Courage to you all. I have a dire fear this is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better.

P.S. Vote in November like your life depends on it. Because it just might.

Wendig was hired to produce a five issue mini-series called “Shadow of Vader." He wrote three of the five and the first is slated to drop in January. It's unclear what will happen to the remainder of the miniseries or who will write the remaining issues.

The writer also says he was taken off an unannounced Star Wars project.