Islamic State Plan To Kill The Queen On Saturday

Posted: Aug 13, 2015 8:51 AM
Islamic State Plan To Kill The Queen On Saturday

LONDON, United Kingdom – The Islamic State has a trained bomber primed and ready to blow up HM The Queen on Saturday. The plot was uncovered by journalists at Sky News who spoke to the British Jihadist Junaid Hussain and his wife Umm.

Mrs Hussain, who was called Sally Jones before she converted to Islam, claimed a female bomber planned to attack the 70th anniversary of Victory in Japan day on Saturday. The event will take place at a church on Trafalgar Square and Horse Guards Parade which is behind Downing Street. The Queen and Prince Charles will be in attendance, along with other Royals and VIPs.

During an online discussion a Sky News journalist pretended to be a Jihadi, and asked for assistance on attacking the UK. Mrs Hussain first asked whether the journalist wanted to plant a bomb or cut the heads of members of the public.

She went on to explain how to build a bomb, and gave some details of other British born terrorists who are planning attacks. Hussain said the only one who was “serious” about an attack was a female from Glasgow who planned to attack the VJ event.

Stuart Ramsay, Sky News chief correspondent, said: “She sent a bomb-making manual to our female character via a secure-sharing site, telling us that she had another girl in Glasgow ready to attack.

“Specifically, she mentioned the Royal Family and the date of August 15 - the day of the VJ commemorations in London.”

The plan to attack the VJ ceremony is believed to represent a change in tactics for the Islamic State. Since it first began taking ground its fighters have encouraged British extremists to join them, but now they are believed to be asking UK nationals to stay at home. They hope this will foster a series of home-grown atrocities.

In further bad news for Police another Sky journalist traveled to Turkey to meet a representative of the Islamic State's internal security service, which is said to be similar to the Gestapo. The terrorist told the journalist “four or five” British fighters had returned to the UK after receiving training in the Islamic State.

When he was pressed on whether the Brits had been trained in a variety of terrorist methods the Islamic State contact said: "Yes, yes, yes everything, all of this - using the Kalashnikov, the pistol, the bomb, grenades and other things."

He continued: "They have lessons after training that last an hour then they leave. We don't see too much, we are there for their protection; seeing what they are actually doing or what they are talking about is impossible, it is forbidden."

In a statement the Police Special Operations Unit said: “The fight against terrorism has a number of challenges; the real threat from people returning as trained terrorists from Syria and Iraq; the equal threat of those who have not traveled being encouraged and incited to commit attacks in the UK and the young and vulnerable being enticed out to Syria through internet based grooming.

“The police, together with our security partners, remain alert to terrorist threats that may manifest here or where individuals overseas may seek to direct or inspire others to commit attacks in and against the UK.”

The last major terror attack on the UK was committed by British Nationals. On July 7th 2005 four men detonated suicide bombs on the London transport network, 52 civilians were killed and around 700 were injured.

Last year the Labour MP Khalid Mahmood claimed as many as 1500 British nationals had gone abroad to be trained in Jihad. At the time the security services estimated over 300 had returned to the UK.

The last British Royal to have been assassinated was Louis Mountbatten (Earl Mountbatten of Burma), he was blown up whilst fishing in Ireland in 1979. Mountbatten was the uncle of Prince Phillip, and was responsible for encouraging him to marry the Queen.