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Planned Parenthood, Enviros Not Fazing Palin

Liberals act like they hate the popularity Sarah Palin has earned among conservtive circles, but they're the ones who've been trying to make a buck off her.

When Palin was announced as the GOP vice presidential candidate, Planned Parenthood urged activists to fill their coffers to combat her beliefs. Defenders of Wildlife has similarly enlisted actress Ashley Judd to appear in commercials to raise money and bash Palin's position on controlling the predatory wolf population in her state.

Palin brushed these sort of tactics in a statement today.

"Making donations to Planned Parenthood in my name might be interesting theater in these politically charged times, but it is not going to change my views or the views of many other Alaskans who believe every life is precious," Palin said. "Anti-hunting groups are employing the same tactic of using my name to promote their cause right now."

"Again, interesting theater," Palin said.

I can almost hear her laughing.

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