Updates on the Race for RNC Chair

Posted: Dec 16, 2008 5:19 PM
Three things I'd like to put on the radar for those following the race for RNC Chair:

1) Saul Anuzis recently mailed all members of the RNC his 24-page blueprint to lead the party, emphasizing his support for technology, personal leadership ability and ideas to grow the GOP. It is available HERE.

2) Michael Steele released the second "chapter" of his leadership blueprint, focusing on party ethics. It is available HERE.

I wrote a compare and contrast of their plans (yes they are both called blueprints, even designed with similar, snazzy blueprint-like layouts) for the homepage if you'd like a brief summary of them.

3) Ken Blackwell announced his partnership with Texas GOP Chairman Tina Benkiser to produce a "unity" ticket in a letter to RNC members today.