Ayers Ditches Liberal Bookstore for Black Church

Posted: Nov 18, 2008 10:34 AM
Bill Ayers speaking at Washington DC's All Souls Unitarian Church Monday evening

Domestic terrorist Bill Ayers moved a scheduled book signing from a liberal Washington bookstore hangout to a inner-city black Unitarian church last night.

Townhall intern Adam Segal went to Busboys & Poets to cover Ayers's book signing and was soon handed a map with directions to All Souls Church, approximately a 16-block walk. Segal was told Ayers would not be signing books at Busboys & Poets and that he needed to go to All Souls Church instead.

When Segal arrived at All Souls he noticed members of the National of Islam among the attendees. "It was clearly a black separatist organization," Segal told me. He noted there were no crosses in the church and "definitely no Jesus."

"It was really weird," he said.

In his speech Ayers mainly talked about the broken education systems in the black community pausing to take an occasional shot  at Fox News, saying his dementia-riddled father was the only one he knew who watched the network.

Townhall intern Adam Segal palling around with a terrorist
. (Just kidding. We told him to go cover the event. He hopped in line for a picture to prove he was there.)

Before appearing at All Souls Ayers delivered a speech at Georgetown Law School. There is a summary of that speech available HERE.