Anuzis Makes His Case for RNC Chairman

Posted: Nov 12, 2008 4:37 PM
 Michigan Republican Party Chairman Saul Anuzis said he was one of the few GOP leaders willing to "call out" his colleagues on issues on fiscal responsibility during a conference call about his campaign to become the next Republican National Committee Chairman.

Anuzis said he fought hard to bring Republicans in line during a controversial vote to raise taxes on Michigan. "We came out and said we would not support" Republicans who voted for the increase Anuzis said. "We went out and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and ran ads on talk radio...not only have I talked the talk I have walked the walk in Michigan. We have specific examples. This is not something theoretical."

Anuzis said this is one of the reasons he would be a better RNC Chairman than his likely-opponent GOPAC Chairman Michael Steele. Anuzis did not make the case for his candidacy over Steele's unprompted. I asked Anuzis to state why he thought he would be better than Steele and this is one of the things he said after stating "I haven't thought of this as being between myself and Michael."

Steele is expected to formally announce his intention to run for RNC Chair on Thursday.

More than anything, Anuzis spoke enthusiastically about using online tools to organize the party and "build up our farm team."

"There is no reason why Republican activists should be more than 24 hours behind any information we want to get out," he said. Saul penned a daily blog as Michigan Party Chairman, titled "That's Saul, Folks," embraced Facebook to recruit more than 2,000 new members and used Twitter to keep fellow activists updated with information.

Anuzis also mentioned a plan he called "40 under 40--to find young, budding politicians under the age of 40" to help reunite the party after the crippling November election.

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