GOP's Legal Team Fights for Ballots, Disclosure

Posted: Nov 03, 2008 3:55 PM
Republican lawyers have filed an arsenal of lawsuits against Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and state election boards to question the legitimacy of some ballots and Obama's campaign finances.

Nationally: The Republican National Committee has a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission demanding an audit of Obama’s low-dollar donors, his lack of quality controls for online contribution forms and an investigation into illegal donations from foreign sources that have been made to his campaign.

California: State Republican Chairman Ron Nehring filed a complaint with the FEC against Obama for unlawfully providing ACORN’s Project Vote with a list of their maxed-out donors and misusing campaign funds to visit his ailing grandmother in Hawaii.

Illinois: The Republican Party of Illinois filed a law suit with the Lake County Circuit Court to ask that suspect voter registration forms be flagged and for first-time voters to be required to show valid photo-identification at the polls.

Pennsylvania:The Pennsylvania Republican Party attempted to challenge 140,000 voters registered by ACORN in court, but their suit was rejected by Judge Robert Simpson.

Virginia:Legal Counsel from the McCain campaign is suing to force the State Board of Elections to count overseas military ballots mailed by November 4, but received as late as November 14.