Woman's Credit Card Charged $175,000 to Obama

Posted: Oct 22, 2008 9:21 PM
Washington Post reporter Matthew Mosk, who I've criticized several times before on this blog, has found a doozy of a story about the Obama campaign.

I wonder if they'll actually publish anything about it or just give it the cursory acknowledgement on their website.

Apparently Mary Biskup's credit card was charged $175,000 from the Obama campaign. She said she never donated anything. (And yes, she must have awfully good credit.)

The campaign caught the error and refunded the money. Mosk published a quote from an Obama spokesman commending themselves for doing so and making sure everyone knows "no organization is protected credit card fraud."

This seems to me like a heck of a story. $175,000 is nothing to joke about. It's not like this woman lost a dollar in a pop machine.

There's no doubt this story should be on A1 tomorrow.

Something tells me the Washington Post isn't going to move this story off their blog page though. I really hope I'm proven wrong. I'll update then.

UPDATE 10/23: Well, I wasn't proven wrong.

The Washington Post makes NO MENTION of the $175,000 erroneously charged to a woman's credit card by the Obama campaign in their print edition today.

There is, however, an A1 feature on John McCain that opens with tales about Keating Five, a news story titled "McCain Tries to Push Past Palin Backlash,"  a news story about why "Democrats Have Reason to Celebrate." In the Style section there is a lengthy piece critical of  Sarah Palin's wardrobe budget and an uber flatting feature on Joe Biden's wife.