Bachmann's Fighting Alone Now

Posted: Oct 22, 2008 6:10 PM
The National Republican Congressional Committee, tasked with raising money for GOP congressional candidates, is blowing off Rep. Michele Bachmann after she came under fire for a recent appearance on Hardball.

Last Sunday I posted how the liberals were going crazy after Bachmann said William Ayers was un-American and openly wondered about Ayers's influence on Barack Obama on Hardball. Chris Matthews spun it to sound like Bachmann said ALL liberals were un-American, the liberal blogs blogged about it and Bachmann's Democratic opponent cashed in big time.

So what does the NRCC do when the going gets tough for Bachmann? They get going. Far, far away from her. Politico reported today they were "abandoning" her as her race became more competitive.

Here is her online contribution page if any Townhallers are inclined to step in and help where the NRCC won't. Bachmann is a reliable conservative vote in the House and you all know her from her blogs here at Townhall.

Update: Redstate is pretty mad about this as well. Editor Erick Erikson is calling NRCC Chairman Tom Cole words I wouldn't print here. He notes that Cole has been sending money to Don Young in Alaska.  Rep. Young is currently embroiled in a corrpuption scandal for earmarking funds for roadways in Florida in exchange for campaign cash.