Lots of ACORN Developments This AM

Posted: Oct 15, 2008 9:39 AM
It's really hard to keep up with all of ACORN's voter registration fraud. Here's their state-by-state news this morning.

MICHIGAN: Attorney General Mike Cox has charged former ACORN worker Antonio Jackson with forgery.

NEVADA: MSNBC reports on the court documents filed by the Nevada Attorney General against ACORN. The search warrant affidavit  finds ACORN hired 59 prison inmates to register voters.

PENNSYLVANIA: CNN reports fraudulent voter registration is growing in Philadelphia. The city has sent 15,000 suspicious forms to their Attorney General to investigate. All of them are from ACORN.

The GOP will also be holding conference calls today to discuss ACORN's voter registration fraud in Florida, North Carolina and Minnesota throughout the day. You can also expect more developments about the investigation going on in Ohio into ACORN's voter registration fraud in Cuyahoga County.