Bailout Yay, Nay Names Up

Posted: Sep 29, 2008 3:33 PM
The full list is up HERE.

95 Democrats and 133 Republicans voted against.

Here are some of the interesting votes below.

Republicans voting FOR the bill included:
Boehner, Blunt, Campbell, Cantor,  Castle, Davis, Drieir, Fossella, Gilchrest, Granger, Peter King, Pryce, Putnam, both Rogers, Ryan, Shays, Tancredo, Walden, Walsh and both Wilsons.

Democrats voting AGAINST the bill included:
Abercrombie, Conyers, DeFazio, Delahunt, Gilibrand, Herseth, Jackson-Lee, Jefferson, Kucinich, Lampson, Salazar and Stark.