John McCain Vs. John Edwards

Posted: Aug 14, 2008 1:01 PM
During my appearance on Hannity & Colmes Tuesday evening a big fight broke out over whether or on John McCain's affair was akin to John Edwards's.

I wanted to say "no" but I never got the chance. Here's the video below if you want to watch. It's #2 on Digg right now, so a lot of people are watching it and talking about it.  We might as well, too.

Of course I am not going to defend John McCain's affair, but it is not comparable to John Edwards's. First off, McCain's affair has been vetted and discussed for many years now. In the interim he's proved himself to be a reliable family man once again. When he discovered he was in love with another woman (Cindy) he rightfully asked his first wife for a divorce and they departed on, reportedly, amicable terms. It's not perfect, or ideal, but it's nothing like John Edwards who lied about cheating on his wife as a presidential candidate, made his staff lie for him, may have paid his mistress "hush money" and worst of all, could be denying his daughter of her rightful father.

McCain also doesn't make himself out to be the moral crusader Edwards proclaimed to be. I think that makes a difference, too. And, I agree with Hannity's point. McCain's affair began after he returned from war and it's a sad fact that war changes people. Once again, it doesn't excuse the affair, but it does make McCain's love life more complicated than John Edwards.

Those are the things I wanted to say if I was able to answer the question Colmes asked me. Many of the lefty bloggers writing about this have accused me of "dodging the question." Not true. I was just trying to be a good guest and wait for my turn to speak and avoid the clamor of people talking over each other. I think that's frustrated to watch.  I guess that's what I get for trying to be polite and courteous. Sigh.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.