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Tim Kaine on his Obama VP Odds

Virginia Governor Tim Kaine was asked about his prospects of becoming Barack Obama's vice president at a presser today. Kaine is mostly trumping how long he's been on board with Obama, hinting why he could help carry Virginia and saying how Obama makes great decisions (Another Decider?). This very well could be coded talk for "the best decision Obama could make is to make me VP!"
Kaine said some of the same things in an interview with WTOP, which makes me think he crafted some talking points ahead of time.

Here's relevant questions and answers from the presser.
GOV. TIM KAINE: My conversations with the campaign stay with the campaign. With respect to his chances, when I decided to endorse Senator Obama, my belief was that he would be the underdog until the day he was president, regardless of what any poll said because he's trying to do something that nobody has ever done in this country. The polls are looking good for him right now, including in Virginia, but i think that we all still need to have -- those of us who are his supporters -- an underdog mentality about this race. One thing I like is i think they do have the mentality. we're an underdog, we have to work harder, smarter and have discipline. So, while I am optimistic not just about the course of the election generally but about virginia, I'm going to stick with this underdog mentality and work a little bit extra hard and do a little bit more so we can make sure we get a good result for the senator. please, right here.

REPORTER: Governor, who would be a good vice president?

 GOV. KAINE: Here's the thing about that choice. It's a very personal choice and the only person who really knows the answer to that question is Senator Obama. He has to get briefed on everybody. and he has to make that choice on his own. He has made wonderful choices during this campaign, and his staff has as well. so, the choice that he makes I am completely confident it's going to be the right choice, not only for his campaign but, more importantly, for the governing of this nation.

 REPORTER: -- [ inaudible ] -- do you worry about who will succeed you and what direction the commonwealth will take?

 GOV. KAINE: Those are kind of hypothetical questions. I am governing Virginia right now. We're the best managed state in America, according to "Governing Magazine." We're the best state for business in years. I'm focused on governing Virginia and governing at a tough time. Every state is seeing tough economic challenges so I have a lot on my plate. That is my focus. Again, I'm not making categorical declarations about who the candidate should be, what the traits are that senator Obama should consider. But again, I signed on to help him. I want to help him. I think the best place I can help him is right in Virginia.

REPORTER: Have you met with senator Obama during your time here?

GOV. KAINE: No, I came up this morning. I've got my 13-year-old daughter with me. We had scheduled a family outing this afternoon, the two of us. We arrived here for the show and it's going to be her and I the rest of the day. I don't have any plans for any meeting with anybody on anything today other than pure family.



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