Dodd's In the VP Mix

Posted: Jul 11, 2008 9:21 AM
There's news today that the Obama campaign has asked Chris Dodd for VP "vetting papers."

Apparently, the vetting already done about Dodd's Countrywide discount mortgages wasn't enough to knock him off the shortlist. Then again, why would it? Obama got his own shady discount mortgages, too.

I guess Obama has no problem with the fact Dodd used his Banking committee position to author a $300 billion bailout for his buddies at Countrywide and Bank of America. Pfffft.

This kind of monkey business sort of makes me hope Obama does pick Dodd. The tale of two senators who got backdoor mortgage discounts because of their elite positions running on a ticket together in the middle of a housing crisis sparked by reckless and fraudulent lending  would be fun to write about in October.

Then, again. It's most likely Dodd is leaking the story because he's NOT being picked. I don't see ol' white hare generating a ton of excitement.