Michelle on the View

Posted: Jun 18, 2008 11:04 AM
I'm keeping an open ear while I work on magazine stuff. Will update as we go.

11:02: Michelle is talking about how proud she is of her country. That took all of two minutes to bring up and try to get out of the way. She's wearing a strappy dress. Kind of risque for a future first lady, but I guess she likes her arms

11:04: Barbara asks about expected evil GOP attacks. Hassleback tries to say "all us girls can get along." Michelle says she "wears her heart on her sleeve" and that's a risk she takes. Weird response, IMO. "I don't worry about it," she says. Whoopi wants to roll the clip of Michelle's "not proud of my country." Obama says she sent First Lady Laura  Bush a note to thank you note for sticking up for her, but she might not have it yet.

11:10: Michelle says racism still exists and is praising Hillary Clinton for "taking the hits" for her daughters on sexism. Barbara wants to know if HRC should be VP. Michelle says "I have nothing to do with it" and "I don't want a say."

The gals are applauding Obama for going sleeveless. See, I told you it was risque. "It's fun to look pretty," she says. I am not going to blog until they quit talking about fashion.

11:23: Commercial break. I have a Countrywide story to work on. Will revisit if they actually talk about anything.

11:30: Michelle says she avoided politics because she thought it was a "mean business" but did because Barack was "sweet and empathetic" but it sounds like pathetic. Someone will say this is Freudian, I'm sure.