Webb Can't Explain Obamanomics

Posted: Jun 11, 2008 1:24 PM
Sen. Jim Webb, widely rumored to be on Barack Obama's shortlist of vice presidential picks, could not explain or defend Obama's economic proposals in a television interview Wednesday morning.

CNN's John Roberts asked Webb, "How would Senator Obama's tax plan address the concerns that you and have those concerns are laid out in your new book?" (Webb, the newly-elected "born fighting!" senator, just published a book titled "Born to Fight.")

 Webb told Roberts, "Well, I'm here as a senator. Senator Obama can explain the details of his tax plans, but there are certain things that I think really--"

"You're also a member of the Democratic party," Roberts interjected.

"Well I am, but he's running for president," Webb said. "He has an administration policy he'll probably be proposing." Then, Webb starting talking about how he wants to seizing oil profits from our domestic energy producers.

Was it really that hard for Webb to spout off some Obamanomics talking points? Has he even bothered to read any of Obama's econ memos?

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