Obama's Vetter Gone

Posted: Jun 11, 2008 2:42 PM
Just a day after Barack Obama insisted his VP vetter Jim Johnson's financial entanglements shouldn't matter, Johnson is being aced from the campaign.

Yes, that's right. Johnson has resigned. Jonhson says he did not want to become "a distraction."

Update: Here's the statement on the resignation from the Obama camp: “Jim did not want to distract in any way from the very important task of gathering information about my vice presidential nominee, so he has made a decision to step aside that I accept. We have a very good selection process underway, and I am confident that it will produce a number of highly qualified candidates for me to choose from in the weeks ahead. I remain grateful to Jim for his service and his efforts in this process."

Hmm..It's probably time to update the list of "distractions" so far in Obama's campaign. Here we go:

Rev. Wright
William Ayers
Tony Rezko
flag pins
wife's American pride
Bitter people who cling to religions and guns
Father Pfleger
Jim Johnson

What else am I missing?