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Jim Webb: Unlikely German?

I am reading transcripts from Barack Obama's Virginia rally last night with Senator "Born Fightin'!" Jim Webb. Obama's description of Webb as an "unlikely German" strikes me oddly.

OBAMA: Now, speaking of -- speaking of folks having your back, when I announced that was running for the presidency, this unlikely German, there were a number of people who said it's too soon. He's too young. He hasn't been in Washington long enough. We weren't getting the big name endorsements. A lot of people took a wait-and-see attitude. But there was one person who about three days after I announced was willing to stand with me in the seat of the old confederacy right here in Virginia and say that the time for change has come.
What does that mean? Because Webb is German it's unlikely he would have supported Obama from the gate? The whole passage is weird to me. If I'm missing some kind of reference or am not "getting" it for some reason, let me know in the comments because this sounds like some kind of racial/heritage thing.

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