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Pawlenty VP Talk

GOP Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, widely rumored to be on John McCain's VP short list, just wrapped up a call hosted by the RNC.

On it, of course, he was asked about his VP aspirations and it ended on an interesting note. The Huffington Post's Sam Stein asked Pawlenty if it was important for McCain's VP pick to have been to Iraq.

Pawlenty replied the "more visits, the better."

Stein follow-up by asking how many times Pawlenty has been there. Pawlenty said he's gone three times, with the most recent visit in 2007.

I'd say Pawlenty meets the mark on that front. The RNC is still counting the days it's been since Obama's last whirlwind visit in 2006, which lasted less than 48 hours.

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