Hillary Charges On

Posted: May 06, 2008 11:03 PM
She's declaring victory in Indiana even though CBS is the only outlet to call the race for her.

Clinton tells supporters, "So now it is onto West Virginia, Kentucky, Oregon and the other states where people are eager to have their voices heard! For too long we have let places like West Virginia and Kentucky slip out of the Democratic column.  It's time for that to change and these next primaries are another test.  I'm going to work my heart out in West Virginia and Kentucky this mont and I intend to win them in November in the general election!" Also mentions Michigan and Florida.

As she delivered her victory speech, her campaign circulated a memo that said Obama should have performed better since Indiana is an open primary state. "The fact that Indiana was an open primary – Republicans and independents can vote in the Democratic contest – also augured well for Senator Obama," the memo said. "He has regularly argued that he should be nominated because he “appeal[s] to Republicans and Independents in a way that none of the other nominees can.”

The campaign attributes her support for a gas tax holiday, position on NAFTA and universal health care plan to her "win."