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Obama's Files Aren't Special Anymore

Obama can quit feeling special now. His passport file isn't the only one was breached. People were looking up Hillary Clinton's and John McCain's, too.

This is from MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell: "Hillary Clinton's files were breached back in 2007, and now we learn that John McCain's were as well."

State Department spokesman Sean McCormack confirmed in his briefing today the same contract worker who accessed Obama's files looked up McCain's.

Contessa Brewer suggests Hillary Clinton could be behind the Obama/McCain breaches. She said, "The State Department is telling us the same person on March 14 who looked up Barack Obama's personal file, looked into John McCain's personal file, so the question, obviously, is there a link to a rival campaign?"

The sympathy is now off for Obama, but at the very least, the media will make this another incompetent Bush administration story.

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