Ann's CPAC Warm-Up

Posted: Feb 08, 2008 9:53 AM
CPAC attendees wonder if Ann Coulter will repeat the vow she made to
 to campaign for Hillary Clinton if John McCain became the Republican nominee in her scheduled speech later today.

Judging from what she was saying on the Today show this morning, I'd say the answer is "yes."

I took a little transcription from the show. Here it is. Consider it her CPAC warm-up.

“There isn’t much difference between them [Clinton and McCain] and I’d rather have Republicans fighting in Congress fighting a liberal President than saying, ‘Oh, he’s our President, let’s go along with that.’ I’d rather not get blamed for it.”...

"I generally don’t take the position that you win by losing. I usually, no, just vote for the imperfect candidate. Take what you can, get more next time. But, here if could be that the policies themselves are more irreversible than the policy we’d get under Hillary. You can roll back entitlements. If she pushed through a health care bill with a Democratic Congress, for example, we found out with welfare reform, you can roll that back. You can’t roll back citizenship for 20 million illegal alien.”