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AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee

In the choose-your-own-gender era, it’s not politically correct to exclusively utilize pronouns that match an individual’s biological gender. Instead, according to the proponents of LGBT ideology, you should use each person’s preferred pronouns and ask people if you’re not sure of their preferences.

And in the midst of the crowded Democratic presidential primary, some candidates are abiding by this insanity and including gender pronouns in their Twitter bios.

The Hill reported that Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has included the pronouns “She/her” in her @ewarren account bio. Her @SenWarren Twitter account does not currently include any pronouns.

And she’s not alone.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio includes “He/him” on his @BilldeBlasio bio. The @NYCMayor bio does not include pronouns.

And Obama-era Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro has pronouns in both English and Spanish (“He/Him/Él”) in his bio.

During the first round of debates, Castro made a comment about transgender women (i.e. biological men) in the context of discussing abortion. But as Politico reported, his campaign manager Maya Rupert addressed it later:

“When we’re talking about abortion access and really access to reproductive rights stuff in general, there a number of people who don’t identify as women who still need access to those services,” Rupert told POLITICO. “It’s trans men, it’s nonbinary folks — a lot of people.

“What he was trying to do was say, ‘Yes, women do need access to abortion, but it’s also important to remember that a lot of times you need a path for trans folks as well,’” Rupert added.

Currently, in the RealClearPolitics poll average, Sen. Warren is in third place behind Biden and less than one percent away from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). Bill de Blasio and Julián Castro are both polling below one percent.

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