Cornell University Offers A 'Transgender Guide to Transitioning and Gender Affirmation in the Workplace'

Posted: Oct 20, 2018 8:10 PM
Cornell University Offers A 'Transgender Guide to Transitioning and Gender Affirmation in the Workplace'

A plethora of colleges across the country promote LGBT ideology, and among them is Cornell University, which now offers the “Cornell University Transgender Guide to Transitioning and Gender Affirmation in the Workplace.”

The guide contains a section with “Tips for Coming Out At Work” that suggests that people should initially tell someone who will support them: “Start with one individual who you believe will be an ally to you and ask them to support you as you come out to others.”

“Meet with your supervisor. Think of what support looks like for you and share this with them when you meet,” the guide says, asking, “What do you need to make the workplace feel inclusive to you? This could be access to a bathroom that aligns with your gender identity and gender expression.”

In a section titled “Tips for Transitioning at Work,” the guide suggests that the person, “Develop a personal timeline for your transition.” A series of questions follows: “If you plan to medically transition, how long will you need to be away? Do you have a timeframe for when this will take place? Even if you don’t plan to medically transition, will you want time away? How long?”

Cornell’s guide provides directions about how to make a change to legal name and preferred name, as well as gender identity and sexual orientation in the university’s Workday system.

The college’s bathroom policy permits people to use whichever bathroom they prefer based on their so-called “gender identity.” As the guide explains: “In keeping with the University’s policy of nondiscrimination and the commitment to inclusion, the University allows students, staff, faculty, and visitors to use the restroom or facility that corresponds to their gender identity.”

In the world of academia, Cornell does not stand alone as it promotes the societal acceptance and normalization of transgender ideology. Scads of universities throughout the nation actively advance the revolution to redefine gender and normalize various permutations of sexual proclivity. One particularly bizarre example is Mount Holyoke College, which is supposed to be a women’s college but, “welcomes applications for our undergraduate program from any qualified student who is female or identifies as a woman.”