Massachusetts Man Viciously Attacks Trump Vendor and Law Enforcement

Posted: Jul 27, 2020 12:00 PM
Massachusetts Man Viciously Attacks Trump Vendor and Law Enforcement

Source: (Townhall Media/Alex Corey)

(Graphic Content Warning)

A Cape Cod man was arrested on an array of charges after violently attacking a Trump Vendor.

Joseph C. Goodman, 77, of Falmouth, was arrested after trying to ram his car into a roadside popup New England for Trump trailer in his town, among other disgusting behavior. He was charged with open and gross lewdness, assault with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery, malicious destruction of property less than $1,200, disturbing the peace, and threatening to commit a crime.  

On July 18, authorities responded to the pop-up shop located off the side of the road in front of a small business plaza after an employee reported that “a male party in a black KIA” would blow his horn, hold up his middle finger and use vulgar language at those by the trailer, according to a police report. The man also nearly hit the trailer, as he popped his tire on the curb. 

An employee told the Falmouth Enterprise the situation became confrontational after Goodman stepped out of his car and began to fight with the plaza’s landscaper. The two eventually started throwing punches. Goodman then proceeded to drop his pants, the employee added. 

A witness to the attack told police Goodman said, "suck on this," when he dropped his pants and underwear. The man also shouted he had COVID-19 as he spit at the Trump vendor. 

The property owners of the plaza happened to be at the trailer at the time of the incident and were successfully able to chase the man off and snap a picture of his license plate. They were also able to capture some of his lewd acts on video, which they showed to the police. 

Authorities tracked the plates to Goodman’s home and found him sipping an alcoholic beverage in his backyard. After officers told him they had him on camera exposing himself and hitting an employee, in a fit of rage Goodman ranted that the officers were Trump supporters and referred to them as fascists, according to Massi’s report. 

When police arrested him, he screamed that he hoped the officers would die and their children would get cancer and die, wrote Massi in her description. 

“While en route to the Falmouth Police Station for booking, Mr. Goodman called me a slut, called me stupid and asked if my IQ was 60 and if I make $30,000 a year,” she wrote. “The rest of the ride, Mr. Goodman laughed and stated that we were all going to ‘get it.’”

The report also stated Goodman said he planned on killing Trump and “shoving a metal pole up his [expletive]" during questioning. 

The report read that while in a holding cell, the man also unraveled a whole roll of toilet paper, and urinated on the floor, among other unsanitary acts, according to the Patch. His filthy behavior could cost the department $200 in cleaning fees. 

Goodman was released on bail that same night. He is scheduled for a court appearance on September 15, according to police. It's unclear if the man suffers from mental illness.

The Secret Service was alerted about the threat on President Donald Trump’s life, Falmouth Police Lieutenant Douglas M. DeCosta told the Enterprise.

The Trump vendors had only been set up for two days, before encountering a nasty incident. While Goodman’s actions have by far been the ugliest and most publicized aggression towards the trailer, the vendors also told the Enterprise in a separate report that the pop-up shop had been egged and graffitied. 

New England for Trump has set up camp in the liberal region with stores in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island, with more on the way. There is no word yet on whether the Falmouth location will eventually move into a storefront instead of a pop-up shop.