Uh-Oh: ISIS Reportedly Has Enough Material To Build A Dirty Bomb

Posted: Jun 10, 2015 4:00 PM

ISIS has gathered enough material to build a huge dirty bomb, according to the UK Independent.

A dirty bomb is a generic explosive device, such as dynamite, to unleash radioactive material. Not the kind of thing that should be in ISIS's hands.

The Islamic terror group has gathered enough radioactive material from research centers and hospitals that normally only governments have access to. According to Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop, these developments have NATO very worried:

The threat of Isis’s radioactive and biological weapons stockpile was so severe that the Australia Group, a 40-nation bloc dedicated to ending the use of chemical weapons, held a session on the subject at its summit in Perth last week.

“This is really worrying them,” Ms Bishop said in an interview with The Australian.

Julie Bishop, Australia's Minister for Foreign Affairs When they swept across territory in Syria and Iraq, she said, “the insurgents did not just clear out the cash from local banks”.

Last week Ms Bishop spoke at the Australia Group meeting about fears Isis was weaponising poisonous gases such as chlorine.

And speaking to The Australian, she confirmed that the concerns she was raising stemmed from reports filed by the Australian department of defence as well the foreign office.

As The Independent points out, ISIS has expressed desire for building weapons of mass destruction in their most recent issue of Dabiq, their propaganda magazine, so a report of ISIS being able to build a dirty bomb should be taken very seriously. And given how they have a penchant for releasing videos of beheading and burning Christians, the mind cannot even begin to fathom the horrors they could unleash with a dirty bomb.

But don't worry, President Obama has a strategy for defeating ISIS! Oh wait...