Julian Castro's Campaign Manager Lives In Bizarro World

Posted: Jul 08, 2019 12:35 PM
Julian Castro's Campaign Manager Lives In Bizarro World

In 2005, conservative talk radio host Michael Savage released a book, Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder, which argued that leftist thinking would undermine the American way of life and, well, lead to mass hysteria and insanity. While the book was certainly controversial, perhaps it was also prescient in predicting the 2020 slate of Democratic candidates and their advisors. The latest example that leftists have lost a few of their marbles comes from Julio Castro's campaign manager Maya Rupert.

On June 29, Rupert tweeted "Full term abortions are not a thing. Late term abortions are not a thing. Open borders are not a thing. We need to stop letting rightwing talking define the parameters of our debate. This has been a PSA." 

Based on these messages, it is unclear in what reality Rupert is living in. As LifeNews.com pointed out, "Julian Castro's campaign manager claims late-term abortions don't exist. But the CDC says over 13,000 VIABLE babies are killed in late-term abortions EVERY YEAR after 24 weeks." 

Furthermore, numerous states, led by both Democratic and Republican governors, have signed recent laws allowing abortion right up until the moment of birth. 

However, she is correct that the U.S. technically still has borders. However,  with record-setting numbers of illegal aliens each month and with her own boss arguing that entering the country without permission should be de-criminalized, it would appear the U.S. is one Democratic president away from actual open borders. 

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Wayne Allyn Root

Likewise, The "parameters of debate" are not being defined by "right wing talking" rather conservatives are simply reacting to the ever-increasing leftward march of the Democratic Party while accurately describing their policy positions. 

As one Twitter user pointed out, perhaps "PSA" stands for "Pretty Stupid Argument." Whatever the case, Rupert's view of reality is clearly distorted. It is further proof that the left is living in Bizarro World