President Trump Calls For Democratic Senator's Resignation

Posted: Apr 28, 2018 11:20 AM
President Trump Calls  For Democratic Senator's Resignation

Matt covered the shocking slander of a good man led by Democratic representatives purely for the sake of thwarting President Trump. That man was Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson. As Matt sai:

From Matt:

“Was it because Rear Admiral Ronny Jacksongave a health report on President Trump the media and the Democratic Party didn’t like? Is it because he didn’t say Trump was mental unstable, a sex addict, a drug addict, or all in all dying from…something? It was the most deplorable pressers in recent memory, the one where Jackson gave the anticipated health report on the president last January. Then, came the attack on Jackson being a possible sycophant for Trump; guys, he was Obama’s doctor too—and trusted by him as well. Then, President Trump fired David Shulkin was fired as Veterans Affairs secretary. Jackson was nominated by Trump to replace him. This set the wheels in motion for Democrats to character assassinate Jackson as a pill pusher and someone who wrecked a car while intoxicated. Those were the two big charges lobbed against him by Democrats. Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) quarterbacked this effort, releasing a two-page memo fraught with damning charges against Jackson. Charges the rear admiral denies vehemently.”

Today on Twitter, President Trump called for Sen. Jon Tester to resign.

Indeed by all accounts it looks as if Sen. Jon Tester lied. Katie covered this extensively earlier in the week. 

From Katie:

"On Thursday, U.S. Navy Rear Admiral and longtime White House Doctor Ronny Jackson withdrew his nomination to be the next Veteran's Affairs Secretary after being accused of professional misconduct through media reports. 

CNN reported earlier this week, on anonymous sourcing, that during an overseas trip in 2015 Jackson got drunk and belligerently banged on a female colleague's hotel door. CNN also reported the Secret Service stopped Jackson and that agents were worried he might wake up President Obama. 

Turns out, the Secret Service has no record of the incident (bolding is mine).

"Over the last 48 hours, media  outlets have  alleged that U.S. Secret  Service personnel were forced  to  intervene during a Presidential foreign travel assignment in order to prevent disturbing (former) President Barack  Obama," The Secret Service released in a statement. "The  Secret  Service  has  no  such record  of  any incident; specifically, any incident involving Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson. A thorough review of internal documents related to all Presidential foreign travel that occurred in 2015, in addition to interviews  of  personnel who were present during foreign travel that occurred during  the same time frame, has resulted in no information that would indicate the allegation is accurate."

Overall it is a pretty disgusting story. Rear Admiral Jackson has been a dedicated public servant most of his adult life. President Trump is correct; Sen. Jon Tester should resign.