Poll: Americans Have a New Least Favorite Nation

Posted: Feb 22, 2014 7:39 PM
Poll: Americans Have a New Least Favorite Nation

Americans have voted Iran their least favorite nation for ten years—now suddenly the tides have turned. North Korea, a country whose rating have not exceeded 15 percent since 2002, has now completely engulfed last place.

According to a Gallup poll released Wednesday, North Korea now trails Afghanistan, Syria, and Iran in the list of 22 countries:

The United Nations released a 372-page report this year on North Korea's crimes against humanity. The commission found violations "of the freedoms of thought, expression and religion, discrimination on the basis of state-assigned social class (songbun), gender and disability...arbitrary detention, torture, executions, enforced disappearance and political prison camps, and enforced disappearance of persons from other countries, including through abduction." Just to name a few.

North Korea's prison camps and tactics rival those used by Hitler and Stalin, commission chairman Michael Kirby claimed:

These are not the occasional wrongs that can be done by officials everywhere in the world. These are wrongs against humanity, they are wrongs that shock the conscience of humanity.

According to the U.N. as many as 120,000 political prisoners are being held in secret camps tucked away in isolated mountainous areas.