Whoa: Green Party Joins Republicans To Take A Swipe At Clinton

Posted: Jul 06, 2016 1:25 PM
Whoa: Green Party Joins Republicans To Take A Swipe At Clinton

While she may not be featured in any of the debates, Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein has joined Republicans to rip Hillary Clinton and support that she be prosecuted for her private email system that FBI Director Comey confirmed had classified material on it, along with lax security measures. In fact, he said that Clinton and her team was “extremely careless” throughout the course of her email use regarding handling such information. Stein added that everything Clinton has done with regards to her email points to a felony especially the reason why she set it up in the first place—which was to avoid FOIA requests (via The Hill):

In a statement on Wednesday, Jill Stein appeared to align herself with Republican criticism of the Obama administration, claiming that the FBI “is giving Clinton a pass” by declining to recommend that charges be filed over her use of a private email system while in office.

“All the elements necessary to prove a felony violation were found by the FBI investigation,” Stein said in a statement.

“Her staff has said Secretary Clinton stated she used her private email system because she did not want her personal emails to become accessible under [Freedom of Information] laws,” she added. “This is damning on two counts — that she intended to disregard the protection of security information, and that she had personal business to conceal.”

The D.C. Court of Appeals recently ruled that government officials can’t use private email systems to circumvent FOIA requests.

Then again, there’s also an ulterior motive at play. Stein and the Green Party (and most of the nation’s left wing parties overall) are hoping to cobble five percent of the vote this cycle in the hopes that they can apply for federal campaign funds for 2020. If that mean beating up on Clinton to siphon support, then so be it, I guess. At first, Bernie Sanders received the ire of the far left for splitting of their vote. In California, 30 percent of Green Party membership has evaporated since Sanders tossed his hat into the ring. Now, with Clinton as the presumptive nominee, Greens looks like they have a new target in the hopes they can remobilize to get that coveted five percent.