Law-Abiding Foster Parents Lose Kids Because They Own A Firearm

Posted: Sep 01, 2015 2:10 PM
Law-Abiding Foster Parents Lose Kids Because They Own A Firearm

Meet Kristi and Rod Beber; they’re foster parents who have cared for over 100 children and live in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. After waking to a domestic dispute on their property on the night of April 3, Kristi called 911 and Rod grabbed his legally owned firearm, according to local NBC-affiliate station KSNS:

“You want to protect your family and your house,” Rod said. “As a (Conceal and Carry a Weapon card) holder, one of the first things you want to do is take control of the situation.”

The incident ended when police arrived. A report was taken, no one arrested and no one was charged – but that wasn't the end. Three months later, the Department of Family Services pulled the Bebers’ foster license.

The agency told the Bebers in documents that "the incident did not describe an adult exercising sound judgment." And it cited a law that forbids any foster parent from having a loaded firearm in their home, regardless of the situation.

KSNS also added that the law changed in Nevada in June, which allows foster parents to own firearms and keep them loaded for self-defense. Introduced in the state legislature on February 17, AB167 says explicitly “Authorizes the storage and carrying of firearms and ammunition on the premises of a family foster home or by certain persons who reside in a family foster home under certain circumstances.” The Bebers intend to fight the decision. 

It passed the State Assembly by a 26-15 vote, and the State Senate by a 16-3 margin. On June 10, Gov. Brian Sandoval signed it into law.