Gov. Perry: Securing the Border Isn't 'Rocket Science'

Matt Vespa
Posted: Aug 24, 2015 8:40 PM
Gov. Perry: Securing the Border Isn't 'Rocket Science'

As revoking birthright citizenship becomes a topic of debate, former Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry decided to bring a bit of common sense to the table. First, changing the 14th Amendment would be a long, tedious process whose outcome is dubious. Second, as Perry noted, it’s mostly just political rhetoric in the same vein as when Hillary says she’ll be tough on Wall Street; they know she won’t because they’re friends. Third, how about we focus on something that both political parties have failed to do for decades: securing the border.

On August 18, as Perry walked the Iowa State Fairgrounds, he was interviewed by Fox Business' Charles Payne about the issue.

“I’m a governor who has to deal with finding solutions to problems. I know how to deal with the solution. It’s not changing the Constitution, but that’s political rhetoric,” said Perry.

“Then, what is the solution, sir?” asked Payne.

“I just told you what the solution is–secure the border,” replied Perry. “If you don’t secure the border, none of these problems go away … it’s not rocket science,” he added.

Perry also said the solution for keeping health care costs, or whatever cost is driven up by people entering the United States illegally, at healthy levels is grounded in securing our border with Mexico.

In 2014, Perry has beefed up his immigration enforcement bona fides when he deployed National Guard units to assist in border security.

At the same time, when Perry does speak about his record on illegal immigration, the ghosts of 2012 will most likely come back to haunt him.