Awful: Louisiana State Trooper Succumbs To Gunshot Wounds

Matt Vespa
Posted: Aug 24, 2015 5:18 PM
Awful: Louisiana State Trooper Succumbs To Gunshot Wounds

Tragedy has once again struck Louisiana, this time among members of the state’s law enforcement. On Sunday afternoon, Senior Trooper Steven Vincent stopped by the vehicle of Kevin Daigle, whose truck was stuck in a ditch near Bell City. According to USA Today, Trooper Vincent ran Daigle’s license plates and determined that it matched a vehicle that had been cited as a “reckless vehicle.”During an exchange, Daigle pulled out a sawed-off shotgun and shot Trooper Vincent in the head. Col. Mike Edmonson, head of the Louisiana State Police, delivered the news on Monday:

"I am very saddened to report that Senior Trooper Steven Vincent has passed away this morning from the gunshot wounds he suffered yesterday in conjunction with a traffic investigation," Edmonton [sic] said Monday. "As an organization, we are heartbroken over this senseless and tragic death. Our thoughts and prayers are with his surviving wife Katherine and his son Ethan as well as his entire extended family."

Daigle, whose criminal history includes "numerous DWIs," will be charged with first-degree murder of a police officer and aggravated battery, Edmonson said at a news conference. The investigation is ongoing, he said.


Edmonson also introduced a man identified as Robert LeDoux, who drew praise for stopping and providing assistance at the scene. Edmonson said LeDoux wrestled the gun away from the suspect and, with the help of others who stopped, handcuffed Daigle with Vincent's cuffs. LeDoux, who declined to speak, then radioed for help, Edmonson said.


"You could hear him (Daigle) breathing, telling him, 'You're lucky. You're lucky — you're going to die soon.' Those are the words that came out of his mouth," Edmonson said.

Edmonson said several passing motorists stopped, scuffled with Daigle, 54, seized the gun and finally handcuffed him.

The article noted that Vincent leaves behind a wife and a 9-year-old son.