Veterans Slam Obama's Leadership On Iraq

Posted: Nov 28, 2014 3:00 PM

Veterans Day has come and gone, but the Media Research Center’s Dan Joseph had just one question to ask the Iraq War veterans: How do they feel about the Obama administration’s decision to pull all combat troops out of Iraq. In short, they weren’t pleased at all.

One veteran called the president a “moron,” and that his friends who died over there would be rolling in their graves over Obama’s decision to withdraw from Iraq and end combat operations.

Others also voiced their opposition to the decision, noting that there’s a reason why civilian control of the military comes with military advisers who have made careers serving their country and have decades of experience in this field; they’re there to help guide the president in making military decisions.

Another veteran said it’s a bad move to go in and help a county, only to turn around and bail on them. 

With the rise of ISIS in the region, it's hard to disagree with their sentiments.