Local Democratic Chairman: Happy Fourth Of July, Conservatives Suck

Posted: Jul 08, 2014 1:13 PM

Fourth of July has come and gone, but as Americans across the country celebrated with their families, David Atkins, the Democratic Party Chairman in Ventura County, California, decided to go on a rampage against Republicans on Twitter.

Now, there will always be liberal trolls on Twitter – and it’s best to just ignore them. But, this case is slightly different as Ventura County rests within California’s 26th Congressional District, which is a toss-up race this cycle. Democratic Congresswoman Julia Brownley is currently representing it.

So, what exactly did this guy say? Apparently, he’s waiting for old, white Republican voters to die, insinuated that conservative men have small genitalia, and that they can’t compete in the bedroom or in a debate. Oh, and Republicans are racist, or something.

So, he’s a typical liberal from California. These remarks are to be expected.

The National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee (NRCC) has called on Rep. Brownley to condemn these remarks, but she’s remained silent on this issue so far.

NRCC Digital Press Secreatary Andrew Clark told Townhall.com that “David Atkins’ racist, demagogic tweets, and Julia Brownley’s silence, are already indicative enough of what kind of political dialogue the Ventura County Democrats agree with…the fact that a spokesman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee would weigh in to defend his comments is even more revealing of how desperate national Democrats are this year.”

We’ll see if Brownley does put some distance between herself and Mr. Atkins, but I doubt it.