Walker: Republicans May Nominate Someone Who's Not Even in the Race

Posted: Mar 25, 2016 8:37 PM
Walker: Republicans May Nominate Someone Who's Not Even in the Race

With a brokered convention looking increasingly likely, don’t assume the final battle would come down to Cruz, Trump, and Kasich. That, at least, is what Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker believes.

“I think if it’s an open convention, it’s very likely it would be someone who’s not currently running,” he told The Capital Times of Wisconsin on Thursday.

"I mean, who knows. The one thing I qualify — it’s like the qualifications you see on those ads you see for car dealerships. I think any of us who comment on this election have to qualify that almost every prediction’s been off, so it’s hard to predict anything,” Walker continued.

Walker’s own campaign for the White House ended quickly, with him dropping out two months after he announced his candidacy. At the time, Walker was running low on campaign funds and performing poorly in opinion polls, particularly in Iowa, where he was once seen as the favorite.

Donald Trump currently has a 274-delegate lead over rival Ted Cruz, with 739 delegates to Cruz’s 465. John Kasich has 143 delegates.

Trump would need to win nearly 500 more delegates to clinch the nomination. But it is possible that none of the remaining candidates will reach that 1,237-delegate majority before the Republican National Convention in July.

Walker hasn’t yet endorsed a candidate, but many suspect he will throw his support behind Sen. Ted Cruz ahead of The Badger State’s primary on April 5.

“Sen. Cruz, Ted Cruz, is the only one who’s got a chance other than Donald Trump to win the nomination,” Walker said in a recent radio interview.

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