The Cleveland Plain Dealer Endorses Kasich: He's the Only Adult in the Room

Leah Barkoukis
Posted: Mar 10, 2016 2:00 PM
The Cleveland Plain Dealer Endorses Kasich: He's the Only Adult in the Room

Ohio’s largest newspaper, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, endorsed Gov. John Kasich on Thursday for the GOP primary, noting that he’s an "experienced leader who understands the art of compromise—not just across the aisle but also within his own Republican Party when there is a moral or fiscal imperative to do so.”

The endorsement recalls that Kasich has fought for the expansion of Medicaid, he understands how to reignite economic growth, and he “respects the limits of ideology in a constitutional system,” despite being grounded in conservatism.

Beyond his experience, however, The Plain Dealer stresses that he’s “the adult in the room" compared to the other GOP candidates. 

“In other words, Kasich, 63, has all the ingredients to become president of the United States,” the paper writes.

They argue that it’s vital he wins Ohio to deny Trump The Buckeye State’s 66 coveted delegates, which would likely seal the deal for the real estate mogul becoming the nominee.  

Realistically, Kasich’s only shot at becoming the Republican nominee would be a contested convention, they note. But fortunately for the Ohio governor, the convention’s in Cleveland this year.

“Our editorial board hasn't always agreed with John Kasich,” the paper writes. “But Kasich is head and shoulders the best candidate in the GOP race. He deserves to win March 15. For the good of the country, he must win.”